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Is there any way to effectively increase the weight of the website? Websites are like artworks. They want to rank higher in search engines, improve traffic on t...

Is there any way to effectively increase the weight of the website? Websites are like artworks. They want to rank higher in search engines, improve traffic on the whole site, and increase user trust in the website. Therefore, it is very important to increase the weight of the website. How to quickly improve the weight of your website, or what is an important factor in determining the weight of the website At present, the effective way to improve the weight of the website is to optimize it, which is divided into the following points:
Shenzhen seo: Is there any way to effectively increase the weight of the website?
First, the site's reasonable internal chain structure layout.
At present, the status of the external chain is no longer the core of SEO optimization as before. The era of the outer chain is the emperor. The more important thing is the content of the website, and the inner chain is like a spider web. , plays the role of connecting and delivering systematic content of the website. Therefore, the internal chain setting must pay attention to reasonable and echo, avoiding duplication and accumulation, which is more conducive to the crawling and inclusion of search engines.
From the current situation, many people like to make a hyperlink to the home page. To do the return chain, you need to master a degree. Under normal circumstances, a single page can be used for 1-2 internal links, navigation and Breadcrumb navigation is the best inner chain. Therefore, don't abuse it while doing the inner chain. Otherwise, Baidu will be punished. You think that your website is ranked for ranking, and it does not have the reference value of user search. Just like a supermarket selling apples, when people come in and buy apples, they want to know more about it, but see that there is a sign pointing to the store in every place. The sign reads: "Buy apples there." Is it ridiculous, but many so-called SEOers just like to do such a funny thing.
Optimization suggestion: do a well-guided inner chain, a large number of back-chains are like "seven-injury boxing", which is good for ranking. If it is not good, it belongs to self-harm. Here, it is recommended that the majority of SEO should not be at the bottom or article. Do too much internal chain to do content that matches the user's search.
Second, a good domain name and stable server and open speed.
For optimization, a good domain name mainly refers to a domain name that contains keywords or company names, and is preferably short and easy to remember. Secondly, it is the distinction between the old domain name and the new domain name. Of course, the old domain name is more conducive to optimization. Domain names are only a small part of the impact of optimization, and the stability and speed of web server is an extremely important part. Data surveys show that a site that is slower to open will typically reduce traffic by 60%, and if a server is abnormal and cannot be opened, it may cause unfriendlyness to the search engine, making it difficult to include it.
Third, regular production and maintenance.
Today's search engines pay more attention to high-quality original content, and the high quality standards depend on three aspects of readability, scarcity and value. Therefore, everyone should grasp these points when updating the content of the website. High-quality original content has always been liked by website users and search engines. Of course, the originality mentioned here is not original. Many friends can understand this, such as A website published a similar article, but because the other party's typesetting is not clear, the place where the picture or video is inserted is not very user-friendly. It is not very friendly. At this time, we need this article to solve it. The unfinished details of the other party are released again, and the search engine will still think that your article is more valuable than the article you copied.
Fourth, beautiful, logical layout layout.
Because the current requirements of Internet users' aesthetics and website functions are improving, aesthetics seems to have become the basic requirement of each website, because the so-called user experience and viscosity can be achieved only by satisfying the user's browsing and sensory experience. But aesthetics does not mean that there must be cool features and styles, because the rendering power of JS, FLASH and other special effects is larger than the picture, but the search engine is not caught, it is not friendly to the search engine. Therefore, while ensuring a beautiful and logical layout layout, special effects such as JS are used as little as possible. However, JS Baidu is also achievable from the situation that Zemin understands.
Some friends update the article every day, but the layout is messy, the font is big and small, or the text is too much, there is no picture, the text is dense, or the text is pitiful. Under normal circumstances, the font of 14px-16px is the most. Suitable for users to read, it is recommended that when updating the article for the website, it is best to use the graphic mode, the layout is clean and tidy, to win the customer's first impression, the search engine will also give a good rating according to the cleanliness of the page.
5. Rational use of optimized labels.
Do you use these tags reasonably? Many people won't use them, and many people will use them but they are overused. Tags are a commonly used tag. In single page optimization, its existence also plays a big role in page optimization. The promotion, in the place that highlights the content of the page, will allow the search engine to crawl first, and then crawl it layer by layer, which will make the search engine better understand the core content of the page, but one page There can only be one pair, as long as it can be used multiple times, but it should be used reasonably.
Six, three labels TDK correct writing.
I think someone will ask me at this time why I wrote the main point of the title writing at the end. It is because I am important to write the best. To judge a qualified SEO person is to see if the title you wrote is perfect, the common title. The writing method is to write all the product words of the company on the title. This is a common problem of 80% of SEO personnel. Baidu’s previous response to the title is as follows:
The title of the website title: website title ? or ? website title _ service word or product word;
The title of the website channel page title: channel name _ website name;
The title of the website article page: the title of the article _ channel name _ website name;
This kind of writing conforms to the important content placed in front of the title, and the weights are decremented from left to right.
Here to add a point, you must consider Baidu's word segmentation algorithm when writing the title, many people do not know, the rules of the word segmentation:
a, in Baidu search for a three-three keywords with three or less Chinese characters, Baidu will not split the keywords, Baidu shows all the search results matching the complete keywords;
b. In Baidu search for keywords above four Chinese characters, Baidu will split the keywords, Baidu will display the search results of the complete keywords and combined keywords;
There are many ways to combine word segmentation. For our SEO, the most valuable one is the positive maximum matching method and the reverse matching method. To put it bluntly, after the title is participle, you can combine different keywords in forward and reverse directions.
Excellent internal and external links:
If our internal chain is done well, it will make it easier for us to find the information we want, so that netizens can better read our articles, so that the time for netizens to stay on our webpage has also been long, and the weight is greatly improved. help
Quality is the chain to start from the friendship link, not seeking more but refinement, quality is more important than quantity, and looking for some high-quality friendship links, not only can improve the weight of the website, but also help related keyword promotion.

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