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As for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is very important to do keyword optimization on the website. First, select keywords The selection of keywords dete...

As for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is very important to do keyword optimization on the website.
First, select keywords
The selection of keywords determines whether the website can obtain a good ranking on the search engine. The selection of appropriate keywords is the root of the website. For professional SEO, keywords are an important indicator light for users to find their own websites. It can increase the number of visits and rankings on the site.
Every company has its own central products, perhaps using third-party things, such as Baidu to promote the keyword keyword planner, Baidu drop-down and related search, this thing can calculate the keyword search habits of potential customers, combined with their own needs. Select the keywords that the user looks for. The transaction keywords include the central keyword and the long tail keyword, and the question word. It is only the keyword of the user to find the word, and must be selected. In the end, the top keywords are drawn, and then the state of the company itself is summarized, and the keywords that focus on optimization are determined.
Second, a reasonable website architecture
The planning structure of the website will determine the moment the user stays on the website. Enterprises can find professional website construction companies. For example, Tengge Information Website Construction Company will clearly inform the structure and directory layout and positioning of the company website before the website is manufactured, which is beneficial for enterprises to catch useful customers. In the structure of the website, the most important ones are as follows:
1, quality url strategy
Website statics are essential, especially with regard to SME websites, and now the skills are fully able to reach the entire station static. The directory structure of the website should not exceed the 3 layers. The columns may be properly deepened if they are classified too much.
2. Reasonable intra-site links
There must be a link between the webpage and the webpage inside the website, so that visitors can conveniently visit any page in the website. Of course, our intention is not only to facilitate the visitor, but more importantly to provide index to the spider of the search engine.
3. Reasonable keyword layout
Each page requires a separate title and meta, and these content should be reasonably optimized and improved.
Keyword optimization
Third, high quality website content
The content is very important for the website. In addition to updating the users and searching for the favorite content of the engine, the dynamic news of the enterprise is also very important. For the average enterprise, writing 10 articles and 20 original articles of the enterprise should not be too difficult. The problem, to maximize the original content to the majority of the share, will attract spiders.
Fourth, the website link is essential
Website links are divided into inner and outer links. The inner chain refers to the internal links of the website through some keywords, navigation, etc. Under normal circumstances, some labels will be set in the article, and then the label can be clicked into some related articles or perhaps the homepage; the outer chain is first exchanged through friendship links. Into some soft articles with their own links, forum portal articles, self-media articles, etc. to complete.
However, no matter how to do the link, one criterion is that the text of the link must be one of the keywords of your website, so that it can help improve the keyword ranking of the website.
Fifth, establish a website map
Many companies don't pay much attention to the site map. However, when the Teng pigeon information is built for the company, the website map will be set up. The reason is that the website planning is getting bigger and bigger, the structure of the website is getting more and more messy, and the search engine will go through the website. The map visits the company's website to find updates, so the site map is very necessary.
A very messy process in enterprise website optimization, Internet algorithm update iteration, enterprises will face multiple dangers when operating websites, but only companies continue to provide users with a lot of useful information, improve product quality, and establish trust in users' hearts. It is very simple to get a surplus through the Internet.

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