How does traditional enterprise transformation achieve onlinInternet marketing

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Promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, and cultivate new growth points and new kinetic energy in...

Promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, and cultivate new growth points and new kinetic energy in the fields of high-end consumption, innovation leading, green low-carbon, shared economy, modern supply chain and human capital services.
Support the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries and accelerate the development of modern service industries
Strengthen the construction of Internet content, establish a comprehensive network management system, and create a clear network space.
 How does traditional enterprise transformation achieve online marketing? business marketing
 传统企业转型如何实现网络营销? 企业营销
The Internet has received great attention and has developed at a rapid pace. Whoever succeeds in this opportunity will succeed half. In the general trend, small and medium-sized traditional enterprises have transformed into e-commerce companies, and they have moved from offline entities to online sales.
I. We say that the offline store needs to find the storefront, decoration, purchase, recruiting the store clerk to form a team, then the online store is to build a website, and then have to decorate the facade, that is, the station page design, optimize the user's speed.
2. Next, like the place where you need to choose a large personal traffic before looking for a store, the website is built.
It is also necessary to optimize Baidu weights on a search engine with a large traffic volume such as Baidu. The higher the weight, the higher the ranking of the website, which means that users can see you on the first page when they search Baidu.
Third, the store needs a clerk to operate, and the website also needs to know how people operate. Every day, you need to send an article to optimize keyword detection data and solve problems at any time.
4. When the store is opened, it is definitely necessary to engage in activities to promote the publicity. The offline is to send flyers, then how to promote the website? The links outside the station, the promotion of major platforms, etc., all of which are planned by experts who have practical trading experience. , now the market is divided into 2 types of companies
1. Internet type: such as Baidu, Google, Tencent
2. Traditional type; automobile, steel, kerosene processing manufacturing
Most of the traditional enterprises are undergoing transformation, so they have set up the position of "network marketing".
This situation is in short supply in the market. There are really not many people who know how to market. Because there is no imbalance in the development of supply and demand, there are no clear rules in the industry. "Network marketing experts" abound.
The unification feature is perfect for training employees, and employees feel that they have gained a lot, but they can't really start with one operation.
V. Enterprise pain points
1. There was no department of online marketing before, and a new department could not recruit people.
2. The department is built up, and there are conflicts with other departments. If you don’t understand each other, the boss doesn’t understand.
3. Please "Master" to train does not work, business is still 0
4. New media is expensive and expensive
5. People who are recruited may not actually understand new media.
6. Not knowing new media may not be willing to go to work
6. WeChat public number
How can you promote your corporate brand without your own corporate public number?
WeChat user usage is basically second only to QQ, students, office workers will usually take out their mobile phones to see the WeChat public account.
Seven. To build your own brand story and product features, the most important thing in the Internet era is to be able to provide users with differentiated value, that is, others do not have, but you have.
Eight. There are three points in the transformation of the enterprise:
1. Open a new media department yourself
2. Give your website to the operation team to operate on behalf of the company, write a plan
3. Please train experienced teachers to train employees.

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