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Instructions for Authors

This site is dedicated to providing the most valuable original deep scientific perspective. In today's society where information is exploding, we need a well-documented, objectively independent analysis and insightful observation. This site is willing to provide you with such a platform, you can write down any views about TMT, entrepreneurship or Internet finance to us. If you are willing to participate, please join us. We will share valuable content on the website and share it with you.
Specifically, if you are investing in technology, starting a business; if you are an avid fan of technology products; if you have original ideas and magnificent imaginations about current and future technology products, services and trends; if you There are big things happening in the field of science and technology. Interesting things and boring things have always had unique views. If you want to say something, you may wish to share it with our readers.
As long as you have a manuscript and simple personal information, you will also become our columnist and will become a part of the Chinese Internet.
We especially welcome the launch of the manuscript, which will increase the chances of hire. Once your manuscript has been accepted, it will be recommended in our corresponding columns, WeChat and other channels. We will provide a long-term draft plan, dedicated to providing valuable content for readers for a long time.
We have some requirements for the manuscript, I hope you understand and
stand by:
1), clear views, try not to have vague words. The value judgment is clear and powerful, even if the future development and this idea are wrong, it is not afraid - after all, we are not God.
2), the narrative angle is unique, even if it is harsh, as long as it can be said.
3), professional analysis, strict argumentation. I hope that I can give a rigorous argument based on my unique insights.
4) Close to the current hot events, closely linked to trends and values. History has a variety of different expressions. We focus on value discovery and trend mining in the development of the TMT industry.
5), deep IT control, beautiful writing, but also no lack of humor.
We are always looking forward to your manuscript. For submission, please feel free to choose:
Submission format:
[Recommended registration] Register (or log in) to become a user of this site, enter your user center, and submit directly. (We recommend this, and please improve the information, register your real email, QQ so that we can get in touch with you at any time)
[Mailbox submission] Please email:
Theme: Submission + "Article Title"
Body content: The body of the article (please do not use attachments, the images can be submitted as attachments). All manuscripts need to be original. Please leave your profile, contact information, blog or Weibo address. If you do not respond within 48 hours, you can also process your manuscript yourself. Please indicate whether the manuscript is issued or marked with the original issue.

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