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Copyright statement

I. Confirmation and acceptance of the terms of service
The scope of the Terms of Service and all products and services on this site shall be subject to these Terms of Service when the user enjoys any single service of the Site. By entering the registration process and checking "I have read and agreed to the Site User Registration Agreement", the user has reached an agreement with the site to voluntarily accept all the contents of the Terms of Service.
When a user uses each individual service of the site, the user's usage behavior is deemed to be the service term of the individual service and the consent of the various announcements issued by the station in the individual service.
Second, the service description
This site uses its own operating system to provide users with various services through the Internet.
(1) The user must:
1. Provide equipment such as personal computers, mobile phones or other connected devices.
2. Personal Internet access and payment of fees associated with this service.
(2) Considering the importance of the product service of this site, the user agrees:
1. Provide complete, true, accurate and up-to-date personal or institutional information. No violations of the rules, including but not limited to the following information, in the account picture, nickname and registration information:
(a) fraudulent use of the name of the State, the name of the central state organ and the names of the party and government organs at the local level;
(b) fraudulent use of information such as the names and titles of party and state leaders or other public figures;
(c) fraudulent use of the names of social public institutions, social celebrity names and media names;
(d) fraudulent use of the name of a foreign country, the name of an international organization, the name of a foreign politician, or the name of an overseas media;
At the same time, this site reserves the right to review the user's nickname. If the site believes that the user has a nickname for social morality, violation of public order and good customs, and harms the society and the interests of others, the site has the right to modify, mark or ban the user's nickname.
2, constantly update the registration information, in line with timely, detailed and accurate requirements. All original typed materials will be cited as registration materials.
3. Once you become a registered user of this site, the site will provide users with information and services on technology, pan-fund and new products through email or SMS, and users will agree to accept such commercial electronic information.
(3) The user may authorize the site to disclose its registration information to a third party, otherwise the site may not disclose the user's name, address, e-mail address, account number and other information. unless:
1. The user requests the site or authorizes someone to disclose this information via an email service.
2. The corresponding legal, regulatory requirements and program services require the site to provide the user's personal information.
(4) If the information provided by the user is inaccurate, untrue, and illegal, the site reserves the right to terminate the use of the services of the site. While enjoying the services of this site, users agree to accept all kinds of information services provided by this site.

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