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about us

Founded in 2015, this site is a cutting-edge technology media with a global perspective. We always adhere to the principle of unique, comprehensive and interesting, looking for new business value between technology and humanity, and insisting on interpreting technology from a humanistic perspective. Analyze the era with professional spirit, and tirelessly explore the future of technology and business.
The site currently has more than 300,000 subscribers and is recommended in Google Reading, Facebook Subscription, Qzone Reading Space, Fresh Fruit, BING Reading, Flipboard, ZAKER and many other reading platforms.

Our mission

Since the official launch of the station, it has attracted much attention. With high-quality content, independent viewpoints, and far-sighted business technology insights, it has attracted many heavyweight column science and technology writers and writers. It also quickly became the top ten in China in 2013. One of the new technology media.

We concentrate on one thing and only do one thing.:Explore the logic of technology and business

Senior team

The founder of this site is a senior media person, Yang Xingbin. The founding team, from the mainstream financial media, TMT industry, extremely senior four portal editors; also the technology Internet industry, extremely experienced practitioners. They all have some influence in their respective fields of expertise. With the spirit of exploration in the new media era, they have come together to imagine the gaps in the new technology media market.

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