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With the rapid development of the Internet, network attacks, such as CC, DDOS and so on, have occurred frequently, which has seriously affected the security of...

       With the rapid development of the Internet, network attacks, such as CC, DDOS and so on, have occurred frequently, which has seriously affected the security of website data.
Nowadays, American servers are no longer relying solely on the computer room firewall to achieve low-intensity DDoS attacks. American 100G high-defense servers will form a network security system from 10G to 100G and then to unlimited protection, in order to cope with the increasingly frequent network attacks. In the near future, the US High Defense        100G server is likely to become the mainstream choice for mass users.
Therefore, the current rental of American servers should not only consider how to configure the performance, but also pay attention to the defensive capability of American servers and whether it is conducive to the security of website construction. That is to say, in today's era, only American servers with high-performance configuration and strong defense system capability have competitive advantages, of course, they are also favored by users.
For the majority of webmaster users, renting US high-defense servers is one of the effective solutions to ensure the security of website data and deal with network attacks, which is also the main reason for the increasing demand for US high-defense 100G servers recently. As we all know, the US 100G high-defense server can effectively attack all kinds of network attacks. So, what are the other benefits of renting a US high-defense 100G server? Here's a brief comment.
What are the benefits of renting US high defense 100G servers?
First of all, the advantage of hiring US high defense 100G server is that it can not only guarantee the safety of website construction, but also make it convenient to build the site. If you rent a domestic server, the website needs to be filed before it goes online. The procedure is very complicated, and it takes about a month to complete. However, renting US high defense 100G servers does not need to file, opening can build a website, can effectively reduce the online time of the site, and the content management of the site is more convenient and relaxed.
Secondly, the US high defense 100G servers are supported by large bandwidth resources, so the speed is faster. For domestic visits, BGP and CN2 lines are usually used, and they are directly connected to the mainland backbone network. In terms of visiting speed, the Ping values of all regions in the mainland are stable at about 160ms. In addition, Hong Kong high-defense servers are basically large bandwidth, unlimited traffic, basically have more than 10G DDoS protection capabilities, can effectively apply a variety of high-traffic attacks.
It is worth mentioning that the US high defense 100G server can bring indestructible DDOS protection to the website, so that the website can run safely and steadily. At the same time, most of the US high defense 100G servers are located in the world's top data centers, and equipped with the highest level of hardware protection system, which can effectively cope with network attacks with large traffic, and fundamentally guarantee the data security of the website.
Finally, after several years of development, the long-term protection capability of US high-defense 100G servers has been greatly improved, which can fully protect DDoS/SYN/CC and other types of attacks. Not only that, the United States high-defense 100G server uses modern high-tech defense system, and truly realizes the intelligent, automated network attack protection system. At the same time, major U.S. hosts have also begun to maximize the defensive capabilities of U.S. servers to enhance the core competitiveness of products, such as RAKsmart U.S. hosts is a good example.
It is reported that recently, in order to solve the problem that customers frequently encounter DDOS and other network attacks, the American server defense system of RAKsmart computer room has been upgraded comprehensively, and can defend against 100G traffic attacks at the highest level. Now RAK computer room is launching a promotional campaign, participants may be able to get a month of usage of the US high defense 100G server, just interested partners can go to understand.
Generally speaking, the advantages of US high defense 100G server rental lie in the fast deployment of protection, fast access, strong defensive capability, and can effectively protect the security of website construction data, so it is highly sought after by the majority of users.

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