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GoDaddys WordPress host is designed to build WordPress blog sites. Many friends may not know the difference between GoDaddy web hosting and WordPress hosting. F...

GoDaddy's WordPress host is designed to build WordPress blog sites. Many friends may not know the difference between GoDaddy web hosting and WordPress hosting. For this reason, Xiaobian will simply let you know.
      First, the difference between the configuration scheme
      First of all, the configuration of these two hosts is different, but there are four options. Relatively speaking, GoDaddy virtual hosting is configured to be higher and suitable for most types of websites. However, the WordPress host has built-in 1000+WordPress theme for users to choose from, while the traditional GoDaddy web host requires us to find the theme.
The WordPress host is customized for the WordPress blogging program, with a limit of 25,000 traffic users per month (basic solution). The GoDaddy virtual host is unlimited, and the traffic is not limited. It can basically meet the construction needs of various websites.
      Second, the difference in rental price
      In the case where the coupon code is not applicable, the price of the WordPress mainframe is slightly more expensive, with a minimum of 46 yuan/month. The GoDaddy web host is a bit cheaper, but the offer is very high, like the exclusive link through the main detective, the economic solution is only $1/month, which is $12 a year, and the domain name is also given. Therefore, relatively speaking, the GoDaddy virtual host may be more cost-effective.
      Third, the difference in performance
      The WordPress host is only used for WordPress blogs. The database and FTP accounts cannot be changed by themselves, and the scalability is not strong. The GoDaddy web host can build any system-supported program.
      In fact, Xiaobian does not recommend that you buy a WordPress host, after all, more restrictive, can only build a WordPress blog site. At present, GoDaddy economical host has preferential activities and the price is very cheap. It can not only build WordPress website, but also support other types of website construction, so the choice is more flexible.
      Fourth, the degree of installation difference
      If you are building a WordPress blog site, then choosing a WordPress host is still very advantageous, and it has a wealth of WordPress themes and plugins. However, it is also very simple to install the WordPress program using the GoDaddy virtual host, and it also supports the installation of other programs, and the degree of freedom is relatively high.
      In short, many host companies now launch a variety of dedicated hosts, to some extent, they are gimmicks. For our webmasters, it is ok to choose a system compatible, as well as a popular universal host space, because the content of the content is not used.
      The above is the difference between GoDaddy virtual host and WordPress host under the simple analysis of Xiaobian. You can choose according to your own website construction needs, and hope to help everyone.

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