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With the continuous popularization of mobile devices, people have officially entered the mobile era. As a webmaster who provides content for the Internet, how t...

With the continuous popularization of mobile devices, people have officially entered the mobile era. As a webmaster who provides content for the Internet, how to ensure that he and his website are not abandoned by the times when they are mobile, they are not What are our users abandoned?
First, determine whether the website supports mobile
In fact, many webmaster friends have realized that with the advent of the mobile era, some webmasters who are sensitive to the situation have already smelled the crisis that the proportion of mobile traffic may exceed the PC, and they have started their own mobile mode. So the adaptation, adaptive, and responsive body of the website has become the most heated topic in the webmaster circle!
Second, let users fall in love with your website at first sight
Many webmaster friends are thinking about how to make our website look at the user in the search engine at first sight, love at first sight, and immediately have the desire to click?
I think, maybe we can learn some marketing ideas, integrate marketing thinking into our website, create personalized website titles, attractive website descriptions and even absolutely personalized website LOGOs. Such a website appears. In the search engine, you still don't want it!
Third, how to make users rely on your website
In fact, relatively speaking, it is easier to create a personalized display business card in the Internet. It is difficult to find out how to let users find that our website is still very connotative at first sight. How to retain users, reduce the user's bounce rate, and reluctant to leave, is one of the key issues for the webmaster friends, so how to do it?
Research user needs! Through the analysis of Baidu Index and Baidu statistics, we study the user's preferences, research which keywords are clicked to enter our website, and which reasons lead to the user's departure, which pages have a high bounce rate and need to be improved. and many more……  
These we apply to some tools, such as Baidu statistics, Baidu keyword tools, etc. can clearly see the keyword ranking changes and click changes. If you don't know how to use it, you can click on the Baidu keyword influence tool.
Mobile optimization, user abandonment
Fourth, spend some time researching the user experience
User experience is a vain thing, but as a user, we should start from our own experience needs, understand and study the user experience of our website, and strive to impress the user.
For example, the loading speed of mobile pages, the layout of the pages and the layout of the pages, the ease of obtaining information, whether registration and verification are required, and even the background of the text are all part of the mobile user experience and require the webmaster friends. Think about it!
5. What value can your website provide to users?
As an Internet worker who provides content for the Internet, the usual way of thinking is to think that we are dealing with search engines. However, in fact, we are really facing the ultimate user.
In the era of information explosion, all kinds of information affects our way of thinking, words and deeds, and our lives all the time. Then, how can we let our users in our mixed information to our website? Have a soft spot.
So, what value can we offer or create for users in the mobile era? In fact, it is very simple, why not study the official documents of Baidu Webmaster Academy, maybe where you can find what you want!
How to let users get demand information in the shortest time
When studying the habits of mobile users, I found that in fact, the user groups in the mobile era are relatively "floating". Everyone has developed a habit of ten lines and fast reading, so how to make the content we provide more consistent. User's reading requirements.
In fact, the simple point is the problem of typesetting, and the promotion of one angle is the refinement of the content, which means that the content we provide is more structured and humanized, so that users can know what you are going to say at a glance. What are you!
7. How to make your website a compatible king?
How to make our website a compatible king that can be compatible with various devices, in fact, many webmasters know that there are generally several methods: jump adaptation, code adaptation, and adaptation.
Eight, maybe you just have to think about personalization and branding.
In the era of information explosion, everyone wants to shine! So why not let your website be personalized? Why not build your own brand? In fact, everyone knows that brand means trust, meaning value, and productivity! The above is some simple thoughts about what I should do for the webmasters in the mobile era.

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