How to Choose an Appropriate Bisheng Interconnection ManagemUS VPS host

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Isend is the leading Internet basic service provider in China, a one-stop website sales service platform dedicated to serving individual webmasters and small an...

Isend is the leading Internet basic service provider in China, a one-stop website sales service platform dedicated to serving individual webmasters and small and medium enterprises. It mainly provides services such as Hong Kong virtual hosting, managed cloud hosting, SSL certificates, and domain names. The following is a detailed introduction to the Bisend review, including configuration, price, stability, operability and service.
Bisend stability
The stability of the host is important for the user. Sometimes the instability of the host will reduce its efficiency. If you are doing a website, a good user experience is fundamental. The stability of the host generally depends on some conditions such as its data center configuration. Bisend Biyun Internet Hosting is hosted in Hong Kong's top computer room with high-speed private line connection. From the location of the land, the Hong Kong host has a unique geographical advantage, close to the mainland, the international export bandwidth is sufficient, the access speed in the mainland is relatively high, and foreign visits are also very smooth. The server uses a 32-core, 96GB memory ahead of the Turbo server, and the full range of servers are equipped with SSD solid state drives, RAID10 storage, fast read and data security.
Bisend operability
Bisend host is still convenient and simple to use. The Plesk control panel on the Bisend mainframe can meet the needs of both the novice webmaster and the webmaster who is skilled in development. For the novice webmaster, Plesk visualizes the UI interface so that it can successfully complete the host operations by clicking the icon, and even configure the host for the host without the need for code. The management difficulty coefficient is almost zero. . For developers with technical needs, Plesk provides a versatile development environment that supports multiple versions of PHP, as well as Python, Ruby on Rail, MySQL, and more. In addition, the Plesk Control Panel monitors the site and server environment in real time, allowing the webmaster to develop websites or programs with peace of mind. In addition, users can log in to WordPress directly from Plesk, especially when WordPress has patch updates, Plesk will promptly remind or even install automatically, and continuously detect the operation of WordPress, which is conducive to providing website security.
Bisend service
Bisend is also a business focused on quality of service. It provides 7*24 customer service, and its technical team is always on standby to provide users with technical services such as pre-sales consultation and after-sales support. And Bisend's technical staff are also practitioners of the Internet industry for many years, and the experience is quite rich.
Bisend host configuration function
The Bisend host is powerful, fully functional, and easy to use, helping users quickly build websites. The following will take its virtual host as an example to introduce its powerful configuration.
· Equipped with Plesk control panel, support both Windows and Linux, safe and easy to use;
· The host is configured with a free SSL certificate, which is based on the TrustAsia certificate issued by the Symantec system;
· Support all major databases, including MySQL, MariaDB, PostgresSQL, MSSQL;
Supported programming languages ​​include multiple versions of PHP, Python, Perl, CGI-BIN, Java, etc.
· Support one-click installation and deployment of more than 100 applications such as WordPress, Discusz, DedeCMS, Magento, Drupal;
· Integrate XML RPC API, CLI API, bill management system WHMCS, Ubersmith, marketing and SEO tools, etc.
· Configure SSD solid state drive, RAID10 storage;
· Provide free website building tools such as Sitepro;
· Supported email components include Postfix, Qmail, Dovecot, and configuring your own mail system;
· One-click backup and recovery;
· Support mobile phone management website;
Bisend price
Bisend host is as low as 19.95 yuan / month, the lowest is 3.6 fold. The following is the specific price information.
Purchase time
Original price
Saving amount
1 year
671.4 yuan
419.4 yuan
252 yuan
2 years
1342.8 yuan
670.8 yuan
672 yuan
3 years
2014.2 yuan
718.2 yuan
1296 yuan
In the payment method, Bisend must use the Alipay payment that is familiar to users and has a high usage rate, which greatly facilitates the user's purchase.

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