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Choose a formal and qualified data center For foreign trade websites, the most important thing is stability. However, only US servers in well-known data centers...

Choose a formal and qualified data center
      For foreign trade websites, the most important thing is stability. However, only US servers in well-known data centers have high-performance hardware configurations. Therefore, everyone must choose a well-known US data center when choosing. This will ensure the stable and safe operation of the website.
      In addition, if the user group is in Asia, it is recommended to choose the US West Coast engine room. If the user group is in South America, it is recommended to select the computer room on the east coast of the United States. This is a reasonable access based on the user group of the website to ensure the access speed of the website.
Parameter configuration of foreign trade US server
      For foreign trade websites, in addition to the very high requirements for the configuration of US servers, the demand for bandwidth, traffic and space is also very large. Since there are many users visiting the foreign trade website, and the website is mainly based on pictures or videos (product display), it must have sufficient bandwidth and traffic resources to meet. Therefore, when renting foreign trade US servers, the bandwidth is at least 100 megabytes or more, and it is best to use no traffic, so you don't have to worry about resources.
      About the choice of IDC host
      Hiring foreign trade US servers is a long-term process. There are always some problems in the rental. When problems arise, it may be necessary to contact the hosting company to solve the problem through them. Therefore, the after-sales service of the host is very important, of course, as long as the formal host can provide excellent product quality and after-sales service. Therefore, when you choose the foreign trade US server, you must choose a qualified and well-known American host.
      US foreign trade server recommended
      There are a lot of hosting companies that provide foreign trade US servers, and some of them are very good. In order to let the new novice webmaster have a better understanding and choice, here is a recommended foreign trade server for RAKsmart in China.
      It is understood that RAKsmart foreign trade US server is the first to introduce foreign trade dedicated host and server, the overall performance configuration is very high, able to meet the normal operation of various foreign trade e-commerce sites, has been loved by domestic webmasters.
      As a global server network provider, allowing enterprises to avoid the bottleneck restrictions of domestic export bandwidth, RAKsmart foreign trade US server provides more than 100 megabytes of exclusive bandwidth, which can fully guarantee the high-speed access needs of foreign trade websites.
      As a global server network provider, RAKsmart has multiple 10Gbps optical fibers to connect to networks around the world, optimizing BGP peers throughout the Internet market in North America, Asia Pacific and other parts of the world, especially for domestic telecom, mobile And China Unicom's dedicated line, user experience is very high.
Foreign trade US server performance and scalability
      In order to reduce costs, many foreign trade companies arbitrarily choose foreign trade US servers. This is not only the hardware configuration can not keep up, but also often problems, so this is not advisable. We must not choose a low-profile US server in order to save money. Foreign trade construction is of vital importance to the development of the enterprise, and we must pay attention to it.
      At the same time, with the continuous expansion of the company's foreign trade business, the number of visits to the website will continue to increase, and the requirements for foreign trade US servers will be higher and higher. Therefore, the scalability and package upgrade of foreign trade US servers are also very important. Everyone must understand before renting.

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