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  • Advantages of the US virtual host

    1.The server performance is stable, the system uptime ratio is quite large, most of them reach more than 99.5%, and individual hosting service providers also guarantee 99.99 normal running time;

    2.Cost-effective: The price of the virtual host in the United States is relatively high compared to the domestic virtual host, and many host companies also donate domain names;

    3.Foreign users access speed is fast, and the mailbox is relatively stable. If the server is placed in the country, foreign users will be slower when they are accessing the fiber optic cable across the Pacific Ocean. Just like we visit foreign websites. It is much better to put the server abroad.

    4.The services of foreign companies are generally better. In general, the questions you ask them can be answered within 1 hour.

    5.Foreign hosts generally offer a free trial period of at least 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the virtual host, you can apply for a refund immediately.

    What type of website is suitable for US web hosting?

    1.If the main visitors or customers of your website are from abroad (such as the website of a foreign trade company), it is best to use the US virtual host, so that they will have faster access speed, and because the mailbox is abroad, it is not likely to happen electronically. The situation in which the mail is lost.

    2.As a personal website or blog, the website has a small amount of traffic, and you can also consider using a US host. Because this type of website does not require very high connection speeds, and the speed of accessing US websites from China is quite fast. In addition to not filing, at the same price, if you use a foreign virtual host, the configuration will be much higher.

    3.Forum: Because of the large number of interactions, the forum requires a much higher speed than the average website. If the speed is not fast enough, no one will register and post.

    4.The e-commerce type of website, the reason is similar to the forum type of website, a lot of interaction, and the customer's connection speed requirements are very high.

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